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  • How much does a photo restoration cost?
    Restorations and enhancements must be individually evaluated. No two photos have the same unique requirements to restore or upgrade their condition. With this in mind, an average restoration is usually between $100-$200. The artist's work is $100 an hour billed in increments of 15 minutes.
  • Can I get a written estimate of the costs before work begins?
    Yes! Hazel Images requires all clients to approve the estimate before the work begins.
  • Can I see the corrected or enhanced photograph before I make a final payment?
    In most cases the client will pay a deposit before work begins. All "Before" and "After" photographs are displayed in the Client Showcase for client approval. We do not print photographs without your final approval and final payment.
  • Do I receive a digital copy of my photograph?
    Yes! With final payment you will receive your photograph(s) on a flashdrive. The flashdrive is yours to keep.
  • Is the copy of the photograph included in the restoration price?
    No! If you'd like a copy of your restored photograph, we offer professional printing, mounting and sealing at our pro lab. We also offer a variety of sizes, textures, mounts including metal and wood.
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