Julia Ellsworth is the Photographic Artist for Hazel Images. Julia has been a photographer for the last 30 years, and has become a leading expert in photo restoration. Julia is trained as a graphic and digital photographic artist who has dedicated years to unlocking the past by restoring countless photographs. She continually finds new, unique and cunning ways to bring a damaged photo back to its original splendor.

Mackenzie Ellsworth is the Business Development Manager for Hazel Images. Mackenzie has a Bachelor's of Science in Business Management from the University of San Francisco, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Mackenzie has managed her own small jewelry company in the past, and has experience as an assistant photographer. 

Together, Julia and Mackenzie aim to use their combined expertise to provide excellent service and exceptional results in photo restoration, digitization and post-production enhancements. 


Hazel Watkins is featured in the Motorcycle Museum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.